26 April 2013

Dark skinned woman with full lipsPeople wanting a permanent solution to help them achieve fuller lips are turning away from dermal fillers, and opting instead for implants. While fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm have grown in popularity over the past decade, reports the New York Daily News, they have the perceived drawback that the treatment has to be repeated a couple of times a year for the results to be maintained. But now, permanent implants made of silicon or Gore-tex are increasingly being seen as offering the same fuller lips, but without the need to return for repeat treatments.New York-based plastic surgeon Dr Adam Hamawy said that, while fillers remain the most popular treatment, he is carrying out two or three lip implant procedures a month now, whereas in previous years, he would hardly ever be asked for them. "Injectables can look irregular or lumpy," he explains. "Silicone is a smooth cylinder, and you can pick the right size." Fellow specialist Dr Anthony Youn told American news and gossip website that restraint on the part of a surgeon was often advisable. "Some doctors go overboard with the upper lip ... and when you enhance it to the point where [it] is bigger than the lower lip, you get the 'trout pout'," he said. "The lower lip should be one-and-a-half times the size of the upper lip," he advises.