19 February 2013

dv2084004A growing number of males are turning to cosmetic surgery solutions like laser hair removal to get the body they have always wanted. This is according to US laser expert Dr Jay Kulkin, who claimed the trend for ‘manscaping’ is growing rapidly and his male client base is greater than ever, reported.He believes that although cosmetic procedures were once something that only women would consider, the stigma about men going under the knife has disappeared. Dr Kulkin claimed males are now much more comfortable about having laser hair removal surgery, especially as many film stars sport a cleaner look. “It's more mainstream, they're reading about it, they're seeing it in magazines,” he stated. “We're doing chest, abs, bikini, leg, buttocks, back, neck - even some scalp.” However, he warned men to ensure they always visit a qualified professional, as laser hair removal can be dangerous if performed by someone who does not know what they are doing.