08 November 2010

While there are plenty of stars out there who've had cosmetic surgery, there are few as famous for it as Pete Burns. Unfortunately for Pete, his cosmetic enhancements have garnered him attention for all of the wrong reasons. The flamboyant singer - who first enjoyed a taste of stardom in the 1980's with his band Dead or Alive - was always keen to push boundaries when it came to fashion and appearance, and his androgynous image found him a lot of fans. However, in recent years it's become clear that Pete's need to look different has morphed into something else.The star had been dabbling in non surgical cosmetic enhancements successfully for years when he choose to have new implants put in his lips. Pete already had implants in the past and his cosmetic surgeon ignored warnings that the new implants shouldn't be used alongside old ones and Pete had a violent reaction. Later, the singer won 450,000 in an out-of-court settlement against the botched surgery. This just goes to show how important it is to go to a reputable surgeon who has plenty of experience, and will make sure that they take a detailed medical history at a comprehensive consultation before going ahead with any new treatments or procedures. While his inflated lips have given Pete a lot of trouble over the last five years, they haven't dissuaded him from cosmetic surgery. He's just come out saying he's recently had a minor face lift and his eyes slanted as well as his regular Botox and skin peels. I'm all for people maintaining their appearance and using cosmetic surgery to get the best out of what they've got, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking Pete is taking it to the extreme. And what's really worried me is the fact he seems to be saying he will never be happy with the way he looks, and that he thinks of cosmetic surgery like interior decorating. While that might be fair enough for non surgical treatments - which can easily be part of a successful beauty regime - I don't think that's what Pete's talking about. He seems a little obsessed with changing the way he looks, and I think someone needs to help him have a good look at his reasons for doing it. After all, cosmetic surgery should be about improving the way you look and feel for as long as possible - not something you need to do all the time.