02 January 2013

Peter Andre has spoken out about plastic surgery and the Botox injections he has on a regular basis to help keep wrinkles at bay. The 39-year-old Mysterious Girl singer told the Daily Mail that he had a rhinoplasty operation a few years ago to get rid of a little hook in his nose that he didnt like.The kids used to tease me about it at school, Andre stated. He also revealed that he combats the signs of aging by having regular Botox injections, which help to relax the contracted muscles in the face that cause lines and wrinkles. Ive also had Botox annually, just to stop those lines getting too deep. But, hey, Im proud to have a few lines, the reality TV star said. Discussing his lifestyle further, Andre explained he dances a lot, which helps to keep him fit, but has a bit of a weakness when it comes to food, as he loves Italian cuisine and therefore eats a lot of bruschetta and garlic bread. Read the full story here: