07 October 2010

Peter Andre has turned to tattoo-removing cosmetic surgery ahead of a court battle with ex-wife Katie Price in order to successfully remove an inking of the glamour model's first name from his ring finger, the Daily Mail reports. Aware that tattoo removal can often cause extensive scarring that may only be properly remedied by scar removal treatments, Peter explained he was initially wary of undergoing tattoo removing surgery, confessing, "I didn't want to have scars all over my hands." Though happy to have successfully removed his wedding band tattoo, Peter refused to be drawn into commenting about the forthcoming court case he has brought against his ex-wife, who has also undergone multiple cosmetic treatments, including a boob job and dermal fillers. And whilst it is unsurprising that the singer removed the reminder of his failed marriage and is not keen to dwell on the subject, many may be surprised to discover that the star had felt apprehensive about turning to laser treatments given that the star had happily undergone nose-reshaping surgery in his mid-twenties. However, the newspaper also noted that fellow celebrity, Kelly Osbourne, is hoping to follow in Peter's footsteps by having multiple tattoos removed in what is being described as the latest step in the starlet's dramatic makeover. Having quickly dropped multiple dress sizes, Kelly has recently spoken out to deny rumours that her new look has been helped along by liposuction or facial fillers. The starlet also told the Daily Mail that whilst she would consider plastic surgery in the future, the only time she had visited a plastic surgeon's office was in the company of her famous mother, Sharon Osbourne, who had a tummy tuck, face lift and breast lift.