20 August 2010

Peter Andre has denied claims that his ex-wife Katie Price, aka Jordan, is planning to open a cosmetic surgery clinic in her new home, after he was reported by one tabloid as being "furious" about the idea. The 37-year-old singer told New! Magazine: "There was a story in a downmarket magazine last week saying that I was furious because Kate is opening a Botox clinic at her house, and I'm worried about the effect this will have on Princess."Honestly, this is just laughable. As far as I know, Kate has no plans to do this and I'm not furious about anything. What a joke." While Katie's love of the wrinkle relaxing injections is well-known, as well as other non surgical treatments such as laser hair removal, Peter has also expressed his own desire to use Botox to reduce the signs of ageing, after seeing his wrinkles in reality show Peter Andre: The Next Chapter. "I’m 37 now. I watched the first episode of the reality show the other week and my wrinkles were all over it," Peter told the Mail on Sunday. “I asked if I should get Botox." Peter Andre has been at the centre of numerous false tabloid stories recently, including a report that his appearance at the V Festival was as a replacement for Cheryl Cole. "There have been a few stories saying I'm replacing Cheryl Cole, but I don't know anything about that as I've been signed up to do it for ages," he explained.