08 July 2009

Peter Andre is preparing to release a new book that will tell all about the numerous plastic surgery procedures undergone by his soon to be ex-wife Katie Price.Katie - who achieved fame as a glamour model under the name Jordan - is known to have had several boob jobs in the past, and most recently a breast reduction. An unnamed insider told The Sun: "The father of two is in negotiations for a book detailing his split from Jordan, 31, aka Katie Price. It will double as a guide for young couples with problems. "Pete has compiled endless notes. He will detail all Jordan's extravagances - including the plastic surgery." In addition to her several breast surgery procedures, Katie has also admitted to having a nose job. However, while she has in the past been subject to rumours over lip fillers, cheek implants and chemical face peels, she has claimed not to have undergone these treatments. This could all change as a result of her recent split from Peter Andre. According to an article on, Katie has said she wants to "make herself perfect" since initiating divorce proceedings against her husband of three and a half years. In June, a source said: "Jordan's got a date with a surgeon for next month. She says she knows what to do to make herself perfect... She moans that her belly is fat, wrinkled and disgusting. She thinks it's ugly and has to go!" As a result, insiders are speculating that Katie could appear in the next few months sporting a new body, following liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure.