17 January 2011

Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan has called Simon Cowell vain and says he’s not as vain as him. In an interview with Parade magazine, Morgan said: “I’m not as vain as him, physically. He has all these treatments and Botox and all. I don’t do that kind of thing”. He admitted that they have both got “big egos” but insisted that his former boss and fellow judge on the ITV talent show was more concerned with his appearance. Morgan is known for taking care of himself and for being concerned with the way he looks, and while he admits that this is true, he has denied cosmetic surgery rumours. When asked whether he’d had Botox in an interview with The Times Magazine last week, Morgan said: “Everyone thinks I have because apparently my forehead is quite unlined. But I’ve never had it. My mother would kill me.”