02 August 2011

78288136Pippa Middletons bottom has become the most requested body part among American women, beating the behinds of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. This is according to plastic surgeon Constantion Mendieta, who has numerous celebrity clients. Mendieta believes her slim yet curvy bottom has now replaced the rounder and fuller derrieres of reality television star Kim Kardashian and pop sensation Jennifer Lopez who was voted the sexiest woman in the world earlier this year.The latest craze here in the U.S. and all over the world is to get the Pippa butt lift, said Mr Mendieta. The iconic figures used to be Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, who have tremendous curves and large buttocks. Patients now want to be more proportionate, with buttocks that looks natural and sexy and go with the rest of their body. Once the breast implants reigned supreme, now it is the buttocks that are considered a womans best asset, he told Fox News. Fellow cosmetic surgeon Dr Richard Fleming agrees, confirming that women often ask for what they see and because Pippa Middleton and her sister the Duchess of Cambridge are being seen a lot at the moment. Pippa has impacted everything in the beauty and fashion industry - including plastic surgery requests - because of her beautiful natural looks, her polished appearance, her stylish approach to dress, Dr Fleming told Fox News.