Plastic surgeon confirms rise in pre-wedding ops

06 September 2011

Bride with bouquetAn American doctor has said an increasing number of women are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery procedures before their wedding day. Dr Tenley Lawton, a plastic surgeon based in Newport Beach, California, said he has first-hand experience of brides-to-be turning to procedures such as Botox and rhinoplasty before their big day in an effort to look as beautiful as possible.According to community news website Long Island Press, Dr Lawton said women are spending anything between $200 and $12,000 in order to have surgical and non-surgical procedures carried out. The world of pre-wedding treatments was highlighted earlier this year by the American reality television show Bridalplasty, which involved 12 brides-to-be battling it out to win a cash prize, as well as a selection of cosmetic procedures of their choice. Dr Lawton said anyone considering having work done should plan ahead but also remember not to over-do it. She said: "Typically, for most cosmetic procedures, it takes about six months before final results are seen. "What is most important is a woman has a realistic outlook on cosmetic surgery. They need to remember their future husband loves them the way they are. A little enhancement is one thing, but be cautious not to over-do it."