17 August 2011

92237802A plastic surgeon in New York, America, has spoken out to debunk common myths about nose reshaping surgery. Dr Theodore Diktaban thinks many people are missing out on surgery that could improve their body confidence and self esteem because they believe common myths particularly when it comes to nose jobs.In a recent interview, Dr Diktaban said: Do you know how many twenty-something women see themselves in the mirror every morning and think that no one will ever love them because they have 'ugly' noses? It's no laughing matter and it's a shame that too many of them continue to think poorly of themselves when they don't need to. He is concerned that people will not look into rhinoplasty if they rely on common misconceptions to make decisions. Many people actually believe that the term 'plastic surgery' means doctors use plastic materials in nose surgery. The term actually comes from the Greek word for 'moulding' or 'shaping.' And, no, the sun will not melt your nose implant." Dr Diktaban goes on to clarify that there is very little pain following the surgery and often no visible scarring due to surgery being performed from the inside of the nose. He also clarifies that having a nose job does not increase the chances of your nose getting injured in any way. It constantly amazes me how much misinformation is floating around about rhinoplasty, he said. Just when I think I've heard it all, something new comes up and Im shaking my head in disbelief. However, every time I do a procedure, I tell myself that I am not just reshaping a nose. I am reshaping a life."