05 June 2013

Woman in bra and knickers pinching tummy fleshA leading Californian plastic surgeon has been dishing out advice for those opting for a tummy tuck operation. Dr Eric Okamoto, based in Fremont, gets rid of excess skin and fat while tightening central abdominal muscles through the tummy tuck procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty.He says it is a popular request from his patients - as it is a difficult area to reduce through diet and exercise. During consultation he will discuss all the options and various results of the process before conducting a thorough history and examination of the abdomen. If his patients inquire about a makeover following childbirth, the procedure will sometimes include a breast consultation. Dr Okamoto said: The type of procedure that best suits a patient ultimately depends upon the goals and appearance of the problem areas. A tummy tuck, a modified tummy tuck or even liposuction can all be discussed as individual operations. Once the consultation is over, Okamoto will make a recommendation on which procedure he believes will suit the patient best. If unwanted fat goes beyond the abdomen to other areas, like the hips, liposuction can be discussed as an additional procedure. Following the operation patients will stay overnight. By doing so, nurses are able to help them move around in their most sensitive hours following the surgery. Recovery periods depend on the patient and how large a procedure they have just received.