30 May 2013

200402641-001Reality TV series Dr 90210 has prompted a surge of interest in cosmetic surgery in the Middle East and one of the shows stars has headed to Dubai to set up shop. Plastic surgeon Dr Jason Diamond wasnt aware the programme was being shown in any other country until patients from the other side of the world started turning up at his Beverly Hills clinic.For a while he treated his patients in the US before deciding to join up with the American British Surgical and Medical Centre in Dubai. But Diamond was unprepared for just how popular he was in the Middle East. It was ridiculous, there were people lined out the door to see me, he said. I was seeing people until one in the morning. I had never seen anything like it, so I decided to come back like a month later. And it was the same story, so I decided to make it a regular thing. As well as patients from countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, he also has people flying in to see him from India, Africa and Russia. He added: They have very similar beauty ideals to what we have here based on the Hollywood influence... that was a really big shock to me. It's my opinion, and I'm as a big an authority on this as anyone in the world, that they care more about their appearance than Beverly Hills' women.