18 October 2011

A UK plastic surgeon has come up with a set of criteria that make up the perfect breasts. Patrick Mallucci of London's University College Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital has put forward four features that go towards making up the ideal bust, according to a report by the Sun newspaper.After spending three months studying the chests of hundreds of women, Dr Mallucci believes a perfect breast should be 10 per cent fuller below the nipple than above it. The nipple itself should be angled upwards by 20 degrees. He said: "The nipple meridian a horizontal line drawn at the level of the nipple lay at a point such that the proportion of the breast above it was 45 per cent and below 55 per cent. "The more breasts deviate from these measures the less attractive they are regardless of size." Dr Mallucci also believes the breast above the nipple should curve inwardly, while the skin below the nipple should curve outwards. His findings were published in the International Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.