12 July 2012

A plastic surgeon in New York has seen a significant increase in enquiries about breast reduction surgery. In the past, breast surgery – often known as a boob job – was usually associated with breast augmentation.However, Dr Mihye Choi, from KCNY Plastic Surgery, said more women are now looking to reduce the size and fullness of their breasts. This can often be because of health issues, as large breasts can lead to back and shoulder pain, as well as breathing problems. “In the past, few options existed for women with an overly large or disproportionate chest. With today's modern surgical techniques, we're finding that today's woman is doing something about it,” Dr Choi stated. He also noted that the procedure usually results in high levels of patient satisfaction, as women look better and feel more confident with their shape. Following the surgery they may also be able to participate in a greater variety of sports and exercise than in the past, while their posture can also improve. Recent figures from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed the number of women opting to undergo the procedure increased by 136 per cent from 1997 to 2011.