17 October 2012

People who travel abroad in a bid to save money on cosmetic surgery procedures could be putting their health at risk. Figures suggest that an increasing number of women are heading overseas to have surgery, such as face lifts and liposuction. Breast enlargement procedures continue to be the most popular.According to a report on the issue by Hive Health Media, websites offering cosmetic procedures in foreign clinics claim patients can save up to 1,000 and then recover following surgery in a top hotel abroad. However, difficulties such as a potential language barrier and an inability to check credentials prior to travel can lead to problems. The distances involved also make it unlikely that a patient will be able to see their doctor again following surgery, even in the event of complications. According to one cosmetic surgery expert, the NHS has to pick up the pieces when things go wrong for cosmetic tourists from the UK. "The NHS is currently underwriting cut price cosmetic surgery overseas because there is no clear policy in place on when the NHS should and shouldn't treat patients who have elected to have cosmetic surgery abroad," he said. See original article here: