23 August 2012

A plastic surgeon has revealed which are the most popular cosmetic procedures among women who are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Speaking to the Asian Age, cosmetic dermatologist at Medihope Hospitals Dr Radhika Vemama revealed most brides who want to alter their appearance go for chemical peels and laser treatments.Botox injections are also a popular procedure, he explained, while fillers are often used to get rid of crows' feet that develop around the eyes. Some 30 per cent of the brides Dr Vemama treats opt for acne treatment, while lip augmentation is common and many want to get their tattoos removed. As well as these non-surgical treatments, maxillofacial surgeon Dr Bharath noted women are not afraid of going under the knife before their special day either. “Common surgical procedures among brides are rhinoplasty (nasal correction), cheek and chin implants, breast augmentation and liposuction, which is the least common,” he stated. Read the full story here: