05 November 2012

A plastic surgeon has carried out research in an attempt to discover what makes the perfect pair of legs and it seems the straightness of the bones is one of the most important factors. Fahd Benslimane, who runs a private clinic in Morocco, has been studying the topic for 12 years and has analysed a wide variety of sources, including photographs of models and athletes, Barbie dolls and Greek statues, the Daily Mail reports.He discovered that the perfect pair of pins combine fragility and strength and to do this the leg bones must run in a straight line from the top of the thigh, down to the knee joint and to the ankle. There should be slight curves at the knee and calf. Over the last 50 years, with the changes in womens fashion, legs have become an important element of seduction, Mr Benslimane said. The first common denominator of all attractive legs is their straightness. Attractive legs are straight and in continuity with the thighs. The results of the study were published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal. Read the full story here: