23 November 2011

A US doctor who specialises in plastic surgery has suggested that social media will play an increasingly important role in promoting his industry. Dr Grady Core, a board-certified plastic surgeon who runs his own practice in Birmingham, Alabama, said he expects social media to help encourage more people to turn to cosmetic surgery as a way of maintaining and improving their appearance.Websites such as Facebook and social messaging services like Twitter are being used more and more by practices looking to form a stronger bond with current and prospective patients in an attempt to create online communities based around cosmetic surgery. Dr Core believed the main appeal of the medium is the opportunity it provides for cosmetic surgeons and medical professionals to pass on knowledge and information about the latest procedures and techniques available, and for those considering undergoing procedures to increase their knowledge. Referring to a report on the cosmetic industry published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 31 per cent of cosmetic procedures carried out last year involved people aged 50 and over. Dr Core said he finds it interesting that people in the age group also represent the fastest growing demographic on Facebook.