27 January 2011

A plastic surgeon has decided to treat himself to a face lift after seeing himself being interviewed on television and deciding it was time. In an interview with AOL News, Dr Richard Ellenbogen said: “I recently appeared on TV and after watching the segment, I realized I was starting to look like William Shatner and decided, my time has come. “If you work in the candy store, sometimes you owe yourself a piece of candy”. The 66-year-old surgeon, who owns a cosmetic surgery clinic in Beverly Hills, USA, has chosen fellow American surgeon Dr Malcolm Paul to carry out the face lift, neck lift, and eye bag surgery. As well as making him look younger, Dr Ellenbogen hopes the procedures will make him feel younger too, saying that he has seen how it “refreshes his patients’ lives”. The experienced surgeon also talked about what he wants the overall result to look like, revealing that he doesn’t want to look too “stretched”, and would prefer some “fullness in the face”.