23 July 2012

People considering a facelift have been warned not to fall for special offers and cut-rate procedures that could mean they do not get the result they were hoping for. Dr James Romanelli and Dr Dana Khuthaila, from Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Long Island, New York, have advised individuals to ensure they always choose the best plastic surgeon they can afford, rather than going for the cheapest option.The experts claimed many surgery chains offer discounts to attract people who may have otherwise been unsure about cosmetic procedures because of the cost. However, these kinds of offers should “raise a red flag” among consumers, Dr Romanelli noted, as it can mean operations are done too quickly, resulting in infections or complications. “Do your research when selecting a surgeon. Look for someone who is board-certified, who has consistently positive reviews and who is focused on the safety of the procedure as well as the quality of your results,” the expert continued. Dr Khuthaila added that patients are trusting cosmetic surgeons with their health as well as their appearance, so it is vital they choose the right person. See original story here: