12 March 2012

Self-esteem can be boosted for long periods of time by cosmetic surgery procedures. This is the view of Professor Laurence Kirwan who was involved in research that found patients experienced a significant decrease in ‘negative body image’ following surgery. The study, carried out by researchers at The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), found that this feeling of increased self-confidence lasted for at least one year after the surgical procedure.In an interview published in, Professor Kirwan said: “Patients experience a significant and lasting improvement in appearance and body image following surgery.” Results are based on questions asked of patients in the UK and USA in the three, six and 12 months following surgery, which found that 87 per cent were satisfied with postoperative results. 97 per cent said they would recommend surgery to someone else, and 93 per cent said they’d have further surgery. Professor Kirwan went on to say: “Patients who invest their time and money in cosmetic procedures without doubt experience lasting improvement in body image. There is certainly no worsening of depressive symptoms or other negative emotional outcomes.” See original story here: