01 December 2011

This years most desired celebrity facial features have been revealed by two of Hollywoods most renowned plastic surgeons. Each year, Dr Richard W Fleming and Dr Toby G Mayer, reveal which celebrities have inspired their patients and why. This year saw some newcomers to the list, with Natalie Portman and Emma Stone topping the most desired nose list, Anne Hathaway taking top spot for eyes, and Scarlett Johanssens lips taking first prize.Other most desired features included hair Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, one and two respectively, body Jennifer Anniston and Gisele Bundchen, and the best skin went to Amy Adams, Katy Perry and Gwyneth Paltrow. Of the results, Dr Fleming said: Patients continue to look to Hollywood to determine their standard of beauty, but they are realistic in their desires to look more energetic and youthful, as well as completely natural. Men were not left out of the study which found that Jude Law has the most desirable nose, Ashton Kutcher the best lips, Mark Wahlberg took top spot for best body, and Neil Patrick Harriss skin also got the thumbs up. Our patients are quite discerning about their looks and agree that many of these actors qualify for various categories, said Dr Mayer. But our patients agree that Scarlett Johanssen has the best lips and Mark Wahlberg, the best body.