17 December 2012

A new survey has revealed that many women in New Zealand have put plastic surgery on their wish list this Christmas. According to the results of the Colmar Bruntonís Christmas Survey 2012, which were released today (December 17th), some 10 per cent of New Zealand women are keen to go under the knife or alter their appearance.And, to achieve their dream look, they are asking for their plastic surgery as a Christmas gift. Chief executive of Colmar Brunton Jacqueline Ireland pointed out that the survey shows men will spend more on their partners than women, as males intend to splash out an average of $257 (£134) compared with the $166 females will spend. She continued: ďOn the face of it, this suggests men are more generous at Christmas but there could be more to it than that. Is this simply about generosity or have they left it too late to shop around for the best deals?Ē Among the other gifts women have on their Christmas lists are clothes (41 per cent of respondents), books/music (37 per cent), jewellery (36 per cent) and perfume (30 per cent). Read the full story here: