10 May 2012

Undergoing a plastic surgery procedure takes more than seven years off you on average, according to new research. Plastic surgeons from the University of Toronto in Canada have determined that a person who has cosmetic work such to their face will look 7.2 years younger on average.A report by the Brisbane Times newspaper said a group of medical students were asked to age 60 people as part of the study using photos taken before and after surgery. The patients were all between the ages of 45 and 72. The research, title Perceived Age Change After Aesthetic Facial Surgical Procedures, found that those patients who had had several cosmetic procedures performed were perceived to look even younger. Dr Jeremy Hunt, a Sydney-based plastic surgeon and spokesman for the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, said in his experience, women simply want to look younger rather than change their appearance. The research, he said, backs up the idea that this is achievable. Dr Hunt said: "It confirms what has been our perception as plastic surgeons, and is a valid representation of what surgical facial rejuvenation can achieve. "I think it is reasonable for women considering surgical rejuvenation to expect something in the vicinity of a seven year benefit or gain." See original article here: