18 March 2013

Businessman in suitA Dubai-based plastic surgeon has caused controversy in the Emirates by claiming that cosmetic surgery treatments can help people advance their careers. Speaking to Dr Afschin Ghofrani said: "Beauty sells. It's a truth that not all of us are willing to accept." And he adds that, throughout his 22-year career, he has seen an increasing number of people who believe that undergoing cosmetic surgery is one of the main means of people advancing their professional career.Dr Ghofrani added: "A corporate personality needs the corporate look, and as younger executives fire themselves up the career ladder, those in their mid-forties are looking at themselves more critically and choosing to enhance their appearance in order to compete." He cites research which claims to have found that the facial structure of a company's chief executive has a bearing on the performance of the businesses which they head. And Dr Ghofrani adds:"In Dubai, executives are seeing that having a small procedure to improve their appearance can help them a lot to boost their self-confidence and garner professional growth." He cites the example of a female client who consulted him after she realised she was not being sent out to meet clients as regularly as previously. "We performed an aesthetic procedure to improve her appearance and as a result she not only looked more attractive but also more dynamic and self-confident. Eventually those improvements led to a recovery of her previous sales performance and standing in the company," he said.