08 August 2013

MD000723When making sure breast implants are your own decision, there are a few things you should think about while planning an augmentation especially when deciding on size.Bra sizeNever ask for a specific implant based on your bra size, it is inaccurate and could mean you get a smaller or bigger size than you expected. You cant figure out what bra sizes mean for your augmentation simply because they differ between manufacturers.Look at EverythingYour hips, back, shoulders, and buttocks all influence how your breasts look. Measure the rest of your body and take into account how these will be affected.ExerciseYour bra size can seriously limit your amount of physical activity. Any change in your breast size will always feel different, but if theyre too big they can be cumbersome and difficult to get to grips with.Implant SizersUse implant sizers to give yourself an idea of what the breasts will look like in post-op. Bring a tight sports bra to compress and hold them in place.Make and ModelThere are so many different types of implant. You have to consider more than the size. The profile will influence the base diameter, for example. Another consideration is its effects on you in the next few years. The difference between saline and silicone are major considerations. Most surgeries specialise in one type, but they have other types in case patients want something different.