11 June 2010

American politician Sarah Palin has long been talked about for her appearance - perhaps even more than for her politics. New photos taken last weekend have caused widespread discussion that the former vice presidential candidate may have had breast implants.According to gossip blog Wonkette, the ex-governor of Alaska and mother of five might have joined the list of politicians choosing cosmetic surgery to boost her public appearance. However, cosmetic surgeon Dr Cap Lesesne told the Telegraph that it's just as likely her fuller-breasted appearance is due to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. "Sarah Palins had five kids, they could be real and she might have had a lift," Dr Lesesne explained. "It could also be due to post pregnancy hypertrophy. She is full-breasted. Could she have had implants? Yes. Were they big ones? No." Late last year, another top cosmetic surgeon in the US revealed that many politicians had likely gone under the knife or chosen non surgical solutions to sway the opinions of voters - including former First Lady Hilary Clinton, who may have had Botox. While American politicians are traditionally tight-lipped about whether they have had plastic surgery or not, leaders in other countries have been more open about their use of treatments to improve areas of their body they are not happy with, such as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who underwent eyelid surgery to remove sagging bags under his eyes. Closer to home, the news that over a quarter of UK voters were swayed by looks alone during the recent General Election could indicate that cosmetic surgery will continue to play a role in global politics.