Popular breast surgery questions answered

02 August 2013

I'm hurt...Breast expert Miles Berry has been answering questions about reconstructive surgery in an interview with the Huffington Post. Berry is the co-author of the Good Boob Bible, an easy-to-understand range of personal stories from mastectomy reconstruction to a lady who calls herself 'Tit-less Tash’.What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery?“To an extent this is pure semantics. Some feel that ‘plastic’ is slightly morally superior to ‘cosmetic’ surgery, but all plastic surgeons train with the dual aims of ‘form and function’ – that is, it is a combination of best possible outcome by appearance and how it works.”Should we try harder to accept our breasts before considering surgery?“Probably, but as with every facet of life, it is an intensely personal decision. “The breast exerts a very important influence over a woman’s life that is both conscious and subconscious. Many studies have confirmed the benefits psychologically, emotionally, to self-esteem, confidence and the like.”What should we ask ourselves before considering surgery?“The most important is: ‘am I willing to invest time and energy in finding out what is the best possible solution for me personally? Or am I simply interested in the lowest possible price without consideration of quality?”What tends to be the best size?“Smaller is better in the long run; large implants on top of the muscle will cause more damage – through stretching of the breast – so it is better to be slightly smaller than too large.”How safe is it?“Extremely safe. 50 years of continuous development have given us one of the best-researched and safest medical devices around.”