23 May 2013

sb10063521ah-001If youre over 40 and have finally decided to take the plunge and undergo a cosmetic procedure, you might be thinking about getting Botox or fillers. Traditionally injected around the eyes and forehead, these help diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by every day movement. Elsewhere they can help change things like a downturned mouth.Permanent hair reduction is another option for those in their 40s. Approved laser procedures for both men and women can deliver hair loss exactly where they want it. Liposuction can reduce fat all over the body and the destruction of fat cells can be in the form of high negative pressure, ultrasonic or laser energy and mechanical energy. Laser-assisted liposuction destroys fat cells and is best used on small, localised areas. The liquefied remains of fat stay in the body for three to six weeks until they are absorbed. Often in cases where more fat needs to be removed, power assisted liposuction is used. Over 40s can often be the victim of droopy eyelids. If this is a problem, surgery might be an option to rid the face of its bags.