21 December 2012

It seems as though many boyfriends and husbands will be giving their partners the gift of Botox this Christmas, as the treatment is top of many women’s festive lists. Eyewitness News reports that the non-invasive procedure has grown in popularity in the run-up to Christmas because people want to look good for their festive parties.Furthermore, the treatment is no longer considered a taboo, so patients are more comfortable talking about it. Dr Wade Kubat, a St Luke's board certified plastic surgeon, explained one of the reasons why Botox is so popular is the fact there is virtually no recovery time, meaning it does not interfere with people’s busy Christmas schedules. He believes women are “interested in looking their best and that's not only a new hairstyle or new clothing, but also maybe a little bit of rejuvenation”. “They [patients] are running around getting gifts for their family members, cooking and all the other activities. But this is a time for them to do an improvement for themselves,” Dr Kubat added. Read the full story here: