Posh Spice prevails

07 October 2008

When the Spice Girls first exploded onto the music scene, I have to say I never thought it would be Posh Spice that would be most successful at withstanding the tests of time. Whatever you think of the self proclaimed fashionista you can't deny that out of all the girls she has the highest profile - how much of that has to do with her husband is debatable.

Being married to David Beckham has not only been great for her private life but it's given her career a boost too. Although singing is no longer really her thing, she's certainly in the public eye often enough. The Beckhams have been trying to crack America for what seems like ages now to some success - maybe not as much as she would like - but over here posh is still a firm favourite. As the years have gone by she's turned into a bit of a fashion icon, and no doubt loads of girls will be keen to try out her new pixie cut in the same way that they rushed to get themselves a 'pob'.

But her new haircut has got us wondering if maybe she's had a nose job to go with her new look. Cosmetic surgery is something that often pops to the forefront of conversations about Victoria Beckham. There are rumours that the star has had three different breast augmentations over the years as well as talk that she's used Botox or other non surgical wrinkle treatments and possibly had lip augmentations too - but she's kept pretty quiet about the whole thing.

Victoria is also known for her ever-changing wardrobe - and if she wants to carve a name for herself in the highly competitive fashion industry, she'll have to carry on pushing style boundaries - even if it means teetering on dangerously high heels. If her past choices are anything to go by, I don't think Posh Spice will be slacking off in the fashion stakes any time soon. Like her husband, Victoria Beckham always wants to be at the top of her game.