13 December 2010

While the airwaves may be buzzing with news of the new cosmetic surgery reality TV show Bridalplasty - which sees brides-to-be competing for a range of treatments, new figures are suggesting break up surgery may be on the rise. A break up can have a big impact on self confidence, and many men and women are said to be turning to cosmetic surgery or non surgical solutions to boost their self image after a difficult break up or divorce, including everything from breast surgery or liposuction to Botox or fillers.According to the Washington Post, Michael D. Cohen, medical director of a cosmetic clinic in Maryland, USA, explained: "There are a lot of women who come in either pre- or post-divorce who are looking to make themselves feel a little bit better." Similarly, physician Stephen Greenberg who works in New York has created a special 'divorce package', designed to give people a boost as well as offering them a slight discount on prices as he's seen so many people coming in after a break up. Dr Greenberg also revealed that it's not just women who are driving this trend, he estimated that 30 per cent taking advantage of the plan were men. Phil Haeck, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has also identified a common theme among his patients - the feeling that they are going back on the market, and want to look their best. However, people who are feeling vulnerable about their looks shouldn't jump into treatment without being sure it's the right choice for them. A reputable cosmetic surgery clinic will help people ensure they are in a fit state to have cosmetic surgery, mentally as well as physically.