04 September 2013

stk103307corBurned-out skin, sun-spots and facial dehydration all these are common, and undesirable, symptoms which many of us bring back from our holidays each year. And what some people consider a 'healthy glow' to their skin might actually be a wake-up call warning them that they need to tackle damage resulting from exposure to all that ultra-violet. So the Guardian series of newspapers in South London has published a list of warning signs which suggest that our two weeks in the sun might leave an unwanted legacy much longer into the future.It first points to dull and dry skin, which can result from an accumulation of sunscreen applied throughout the summer. This can be tackled, it says, by applying a body oil daily, ideally to slightly damp skin, as this means it will be more easily absorbed. Dark marks on the forehead, cheeks and upper lip resulting from exposure to the sun may be a result of forgetting to apply a moisturiser with in-built sun protection factor (SPF) before venturing outside, the article suggests. A skin tone corrector may provide a short-term solution, but if the marks start making you feel self-conscious, then a laser treatment using micro-pulse technology can gently yet permanently dissolve them. Finally, a face which is dehydrated after a holiday can be pepped up quickly through a facial rejuvenating treatment.