Post summer skin care – what can you do if you’ve over done it in the sun?

Post summer skin care – what can you do if you’ve over done it in the sun?

23 September 2015

Long days at the beach, sunny afternoons in a beer garden and sunshine holidays – we all love the summer, but it can be all too easy to over do it in the sun, leaving your skin to pay the price. As we enter autumn, and the sun tans begin to fade, you may notice changes to your skin caused by sun damage. Luckily help is at hand to correct the ageing effect UV rays can have on the complexion.

As one Dermatologist explains, “Men and women of every age can experience skin changes because of sun exposure… even those with the best skin may see signs of sun damage, such as darkened freckles, age spots, other pigmentation changes, wrinkles and even a more pronounced appearance of veins.”

Common imperfections caused by sun exposure include:

  • Darkened freckles – a concentrated area of pigmentation causes freckles on the skin, UV rays can cause these to darken and become more prominent.
  • Age spots – dark brown or black patches of skin caused by years of exposure to the sun.
  • Wrinkles – lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process (though one most of us would like to delay!) they can become more pronounced because of sun exposure.
  • Spider and varicose veins – again, the appearance of veins can be exaggerated by UV rays. This is because sunlight can accentuate the look of tiny ruptured capillaries beneath the surface of the skin.

What a lot of patients don’t realise is that these conditions can be easily improved thanks to new laser Treatments. PPx Lasers are a virtually painless Intense Pulsed Light Therapy that’s highly effective when it comes to rejuvenating sun damaged skin.

The treatment requires no local anaesthetic or numbing agent, patients describe the sensation of the laser as akin to a warm massage. The PPx laser applies gentle light energy to the skin, which significantly reduces the appearance of sun damage.

For the best results a series of 4 – 6 treatments is recommended and minimal aftercare is required, we just advise patients to wear a high factor SPF for two weeks.

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Image credit: HOMONSTOCK/ Shutterstock