10 June 2013

Woman with long fringeIt isn't just the areas around the eyes on which many women are seeking cosmetic help to reduce the signs of fatigue and day-to-day wear. According to Helen Hawkes, who writes for the Northern Star in New South Wales, Australia, the main quest of her countrywomen is for a look which is "fresher but not fake". She spoke to registered cosmetic nurse Brooke Francisco, who has trained under specialists in facial and neck rejuvenation procedures. She says the cosmetic treatments which people most commonly seeks are those which "[keep them] looking like themselves."Brooke cited a recent instance of a 50-plus year-old client, a professional woman, whose 'tired looking' appearance was most apparent under her eyes and around her mouth. To alleviate this, she had injections of a filler to treat the under-eye areas, as well as in the corner of her mouth and along her jaw line, to remove so-called 'marionette lines'. "It picked up the corners of her lips and lifted that area," she said. Finally, injections of soft Botox plumped up the skin beneath the eyes. These contain some local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort, and in most cases, the patent can return to work next day, nurse Francisco added. "With all these types of treatments it is important to choose a practitioner who understands how you want to look and who has up-to-date training and experience," she concluded.