16 December 2013

Injection into woman's lipAs many as one in seven people questioned for a survey have admitted they would be prepared to have non-invasive body sculpting treatments administered by a non-qualified person, or even a friend. However, there was widespread alarm at the attitudes expressed in the poll. Despite 83 per cent of participants believing it to be important that someone administering non-surgical treatments was adequately qualified, 17 per cent said they would be happy for certain treatments to be carried out by someone who was not professionally qualified.An owner of a Cosmetic Surgery practice in the north-west of England, said that those who said they were happy to have procedures administered by a non-qualified professional ran the risk of suffering damaging after-effects, telling Injecting Botox or Dermal Fillers without the appropriate training and experience carries a number of very real risks such as making the face lopsided, drooping of the mouth causing dribbling and difficulty with speech, infections in the face leading to abscesses and permanent damage in severe cases. And Dr Tim Pierce, who runs a company which trains medical professionals in a range of cosmetic treatments, said there was "a lack of clarity about who can and should be practising", which needed to be addressed by the government.