07 April 2011

The extraordinary appearance of Tori Spelling’s breasts of late may well be due to hormonal changes in the body adversely affecting her implants, say experts. Dr Steven Fallek, a plastic surgeon based in New York City, told online magazine Hollywood Life that this might account for their misshapen nature. “It looks like they’ve sunk and they moved. They’ve dropped. Breasts significantly change at three to four months of pregnancy”, he said. Wendy Lewis, plastic surgery industry consultant, agrees: “Pregnancy impacts the appearance of the breasts in obvious ways. Skin stretches out and thins, stretch marks may appear and implants may shift in response to these changes,” she said. “The bigger the implant, the more chances of sagging after pregnancy”, she added. The shape and appearance of Spelling’s breast implants have long been the subject of media attention, but many agree that they are in need of some expert attention.