05 December 2011

Veteran pop star Madonna and star of Sex in the City Kim Cattrall have sparked rumours that they have given up on the anti-ageing quest. Both women appeared on the red carpet at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan for the premier of Madonnas new film W.E. at the weekend, and both bore the natural signs of ageing something both have famously kept at bay to date.Madonna, 53, and Cattrall, 55, looked effortlessly glamorous the former in a sequined blazer and skinny black trousers, and the latter in a tailored, knee-length dress in navy blue but lines and wrinkles and tired eyes were also on show. Neither women admit to having cosmetic surgery, although rumours suggest that Madonna has had work done to minimise the signs of ageing, and Cattrall admits to having Botox on her forehead. The Daily Mail speculated that both women had given up trying to look young and were instead embracing their natural looks. Also attending the premiere was fashion designer Chloe Sevigny and British actress Andrea Riseborough.