23 April 2012

Anti-ageing skincare is the key to preventing the dreaded ‘turkey neck’ look, which many women dread but do nothing to try and stop. According to skincare distributor Sue Dann, the neck, chest and hands can give away age and women should give these areas as much attention as they give to the face when it comes to anti-ageing. “Women are mostly concerned with the face so their skin care regime stops there,'' says Sue Dann.“Neck, décolletage and the hands often betray a person's true age. Prevention is better than cure, so it is wise to start at the same time as the general skincare regime,” she added. Dann went on to say that signs of ageing on the neck and chest are very hard to treat once they have set in, and that protection against the sun and UV rays is essential. But women do not have to invest in expensive neck creams, as face creams will often do the same job. Dann recommends choosing a rich cream or gel to replenish moisture and to protect against skin discolouration, redness and freckles that can all be signs of sun and pollution damage. See original story here: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/blogs/beauty-beat/how-old-is-your-neck-20120419-1xa8s.html