07 March 2011

England rugby star Mike Tindall has been asked by his future mother-in-law, Princess Anne, to consider having a nose job before he weds her daughter Zara Phillips. Tindall, who has had his nose broken eight times during his sporting career, let the royal remark slip during filming of Sky 1 show A League of Their Own. He said: Princess Anne has asked me if I'd have the surgery. She's a bit worried about how the wedding photos might turn out!" The 32-year-olds s-shaped nose is famous and has its own dedicated Facebook page called Mike Tindalls nose which boasts 249 fans. Tindall has yet to confirm or deny whether he plans to carry out Princess Annes request, but he is no stranger to nose reshaping surgery. In the past he had two metal plates inserted to keep his nose straight, but the effects only lasted until he played rugby again, when a high tackle put his nose right back to where it started!