06 October 2011

92027088Some prospective cosmetic surgery patients are being left confused in their search to find a trustworthy surgeon. Dr Semira Bayati, a surgeon from Newport Beach, California and member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, said it is important for anyone thinking of having a surgical procedure carried out to ensure the doctor they're being treated by is suitably qualified.Although a physician needs to have a degree in medicine to practice, Dr Bayati said the authorities do not control what area he or she specialises in, unless an issue is flagged up. This is one reason why it is not only important to choose to go through a trusted clinic, but also ask to check the qualifications of the surgeon. She said: "A physician should have and be willing to provide evidence that he or she has trained in the area of their expertise. If a physician is either unable or unwilling to disclose this information, it becomes a clear issue of 'medical consumer beware'." If there happen to be post-operative complications then a patient needs to have the reassurance their doctor will be prepared to professionally manage their healthcare. Dr Bayati added: "If you do your homework well you should end up with a compassionate, well-trained competent physician with whom you feel totally at ease and in whom you have the utmost confidence."