05 April 2013

BrothersAmericans are yearning for the perfect chin above any other physical attribute. Many people are opting to follow the path taken by prominent media faces in the country including Bristol Palin, daughter of Tea Party founder and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah, and reality TV star Heidi Montag. The trend has been particularly noted in India, where a top cosmetic surgeon has said a chin modification operation "can very often contribute to the confidence of the person, provide authority and, in some cases, make them quite distinguishable." While increasing numbers of people seek what's increasingly seen as the 'perfect' oval-shaped face, chin implants are also being seen by many older women as an effective way for them to combat a sagging jawline. "Angelina Jolies angular profile is much requested, as are Keira Knightly and Halle Berrys chins as well," Dr Swati Srivastava, a dermato-cosmetologist based in Mumbai said. But, she added, implants to achieve fuller cheeks are still a more popular procedure.