19 November 2012

Lunch-hour cosmetic treatments are becoming all the rage in Singapore, according to one of the Far Eastern country's leading news outlets. The Business Times reports that "ducking into a clinic to tighten one's face or zap a few inches off the waistline are just what some people are doing in aesthetic clinics in the space of a lunch hour." The short recovery periods involved in having such non-invasive treatments is making them almost as common as nipping out for a new hairdo, the newspaper reported. And author Cheah Ul-Hoon wrote: "A friend who was once suspicious of aesthetic treatments asked recently: 'Why bother with a regular facial when a laser treatment gives you more benefit in half the time?'" Generally, she wrote, Singaporeans tend to be conservative in their attitude to such treatments, but the market is also fragmented, with people living in countries with a younger profile of medical practitioners finding that their doctors are more willing to carry out the latest cosmetic treatments. "People in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand are the most receptive to aesthetic treatments, although the majority of people are still cautious about [such] treatments," the article noted.