Quick tips for dealing with Adult Acne

30 June 2015

Around 25 per cent of adults will suffer from Acne in their 20s, 30s and 40s. It can be damaging to your self-confidence and a nuisance to get rid of. But if you are struggling from Adult Acne, help is at hand!


Identifying the cause:

Knowing what’s causing your Acne can give you a head start when it comes to treating the condition. One Skin Care expert reports stress as a hugely common cause of Adult Acne, though hormone fluctuation and certain types of contraceptive pill can also be to blame.


Tips for dealing with stress related Acne:

Changing your diet can help control levels of the damaging stress hormone – cortisol. The Acne expert recommends:

  • Try and balance your diet to avoid peaks and troughs in sugar levels
  • Avoid processed, high fat foods
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol


Tips for dealing with hormone related Acne:

If you’re taking the contraceptive pill it might be worth considering a different form of contraception, though diet can also be a factor in managing hormone related Adult Acne. The skin specialist recommends avoiding common hormone disrupters like soy milk and eating plenty of food known to help balance hormones such as oily fish.


Universal treatments:

All types of Acne can be treated with Non Surgical solutions such as PPX Lasers or a Dermaroller. If diet and lifestyle changes aren’t providing you with the desired results, professional Skin Care products and Non Surgical treatments can provide an effective solution to Adult Acne.

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Image credit: Ocskay Bence/ Shutterstock