Rachel Stevens wouldn’t rule out Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Surgery

13 October 2014

She carved a career for herself making up one of the UK’s most successful bands, and continually tops the list as one of the world’s most beautiful women – but even Rachel Stevens wouldn’t dismiss the idea of a cosmetic transformation.

Opening up in an interview with The Express, the singer maintains her youthful complexion by adhering to a chemical-free Skin Care routine. Stevens explains: “I’m lucky that I’ve never suffered with Acne but I noticed my skin has changed a lot in my 30s and I’ve become prone to getting a massive spot now and then.”

While a fan of keeping it natural, the former S Club 7 beauty doesn’t see the harm in getting a bit of a boost in the Cosmetic Surgery department. When asked if she would ever undergo Cosmetic Surgery, Stevens replied: “Never say never! One day I might feel I need a little bit. But at the moment I’m happy as I am.”

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Featureflash / Shutterstock.com