Rainbow sun screen, the colourful new weapon against UVA damage

Rainbow sun screen, the colourful new weapon against UVA damage

23 July 2015

We can’t say often enough how important it is to protect your skin when you’re in the sun. While those warm rays may feel good against your skin, they’re actually causing serious damage. So when a fun, new (and incredibly efficient) sun screen trend hit our radar, we were quick to take note.

Zinka is the colourful zinc oxide product developed by two surfers from California who wanted a fun version of the white zinc oxide water sports enthusiasts usually wear to stay protected when they’re in the sun all day.

It’s been around since the 80’s, but last week Colin Firth’s wife, Livia, posted a selfie on Instagram of her face striped with the bold product and the rainbow sunscreen trend was born. Livia captioned the image, “Did I find the recipe for being in the sun wrinkle free, although looking like a lunatic? Just discovered Zinka, which surfers in California use to stay in the sun all day.”

Zinc oxide works differently to other sun protection products. Rather than soaking into the skin, it sits on top of it, reflecting the sun’s harmful rays as opposed to absorbing them. It’s the broadest spectrum ingredient available, meaning it shields against both UVA and UVB rays plus the protection zinc oxide provides doesn’t diminish over time like other products.

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Image credit: livia_firth/ Instagram