31 March 2010

Sixties sex symbol Raquel Welch is still wowing audiences with her stunning looks at the age of 69, and recently appeared on Oprah to talk about her famous looks and what it means to be a mature woman in the modern world.The legendary film actress and pin-up made a name for herself by appearing in many of the biggest hits of the 1960s and 70s, including One Million Years B.C. in which she debuted her iconic animal skin bikini look. There has long been speculation over whether Raquel has enhanced her beauty with cosmetic surgery treatments, including a nose job early in her career as well as a rumoured boob job and face lift, but reports that Raquel is keen for people to look beyond her physical assets. In her new autobiography titled Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage, the actress explained the problems she faced in a chauvinistic film industry where she often felt she was valued only for her body and her face rather than her ideas, thoughts and feelings. Raquel Welch has inspired many women over the decades and is now showing women how they can still look great in their old age. It's not only Oprah's guests who are a source of inspiration to viewers however, with the chat show queen herself recently being voted one of the most influential women of the past decade by plastic surgery website Oprah came in third place, after Dame Helen Mirren and X Factor star Cheryl Cole.