13 November 2012

Dr Terry Dubrow, a plastic surgeon who appears on US reality TV shows Bridalplasty and The Real Housewives of Orange County, has offered some advice on the best ways to combat wrinkles. Speaking to Style Goes Strong, he claimed one of the best places to start is by using Botox, as it is an effective way of keeping wrinkles at bay. He urged people to use Botox lightly, as this keeps their skin looking natural.Dr Dubrow also offered advice to women who have started to notice their jaw is sagging as they get older, suggesting laser treatment could be the answer. There is a procedure where you can get a small incision by your ears and then without a full face lift, the doctor can sculpt this area. If you're in your late '40s through 50s, the jowl will loosen around the jawline beyond what you can fix with creams, Botox or fillers, the expert stated. Overall, Dr Dubrow claimed the most important thing about plastic surgery is that it should make people look like a better version of themselves, rather than changing their appearance completely.