20 September 2011

86530478American reality television star Kendra Baskett has reportedly said that she would consider breast reduction surgery after childbirth. Miss Baskett, better known by her first name Kendra, is renowned for her ample assets and surprised fans by revealing that she would consider having them reduced.In a report published by, Kendras breast reduction quote was listed as one of her funniest quotes in a feature titled The WAGs 30 Hottest Pics and Funniest Quotes. The 26-year-old said: Id definitely consider getting my boobs redone after breast-feeding. They're a little too big now. I've considered getting a breast reduction. Fans would undoubtedly be shocked if she went ahead with the breast surgery, as their size is a large part of what shot her to fame as one of Hugh Hefners three girlfriends. Kendra also made a name for herself as part of the cast of hit television show Girl Next Door, a reality television show that documented her time as a Playboy Bunny in the mansion.